Discover Kodaikanal

Located at the Palani hills at 2133 mts above sea level this yester year British summer retreat remains unspoilt retaining much of its colonial charm.

Never too hot or cold, though night temperatures drop to freezing in January, and thin ice is seen on the lake edges. In summer (March to May) the temperature range is a pleasant 20°C to 11°C, and in winter (Dec-Feb) 17.3°C to 8.3°C. An average of 165 cms of rain falls every year from June to September.

The flora and fauna remains largely untouched as unlike other hill stations the development in Kodaikanal has been restricted. The numerous picture perfect landmarks located around the township make sight seeing a favorite day time activity.

The Kodai Lake forms the epicenter of all activity in Kodaikanal. With a circumference of 6 kms the lake is truly a pleasure to experience either by boating or by just lazing around on one of the numerous benches around the lake.

Kodaikanal’s primary produce are plums, pears, chili peppers, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic and onions cultivated in the surrounding villages. Another famous produce of Kodaikanal are the many flavours of homemade fresh chocolates, a truly lip smacking experience. Boasting as one of the few locations in South India with a cheese factory making a wide variety of cheese, Kodai is a blessing for cheese lovers.