Explore The Fern Creek

Beyond hectic schedules and robotic routines there is a world where time stands still and life is all about rediscovering intimacy with all the five senses or celebrating with a special someone.

To stay In harmony with the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. To refresh, revive and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. The Fern Creek is at the heart of picturesque Kodaikanal on the Palani hills in South India. Miles away from the dust, grime and noise of urban living. A British era summer retreat. A magical, romantic getaway tucked away in an oasis of lush greenery.

Untouched and raw. The ambience is comfortable and refreshing filled with the aroma of eucalyptus, lilies and pines. Designed for utmost privacy, our 7 swiss luxury tents are spread across 1.5 acres and have in room amenities equivalent to a 5 star resort. The property as a whole has plenty to offer to meet your expectations/moods; even more, our all inclusive packages will save you the effort of tying up the loose ends of a holiday.

For the incurably romantic, or the terribly laid back or even the complete workaholic who needs a reason to celebrate – The Fern Creek offers something for each and everyone. The Fern Creek is a holiday waiting to be discovered. Always fresh, one with nature, come and enjoy the glory of life. Welcome to The Fern Creek.